Nexus 6P bends again

Following up on his first video where +JerryRigEverything​​ bends a +Nexus​​ 6P, I'm doing the same after qualifying the first one as likely non-representative it was done on a phone which glass was already shattered.

I can't see any particular flaw in the method of this one, and it's done with an educational approach.
This phone very much has a point of vulnerability where demonstrated.

What I don't know is that if like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus the phone can bend in regular use, little by little and stay bent, or this one is more about its "bend-breaking" ability.

It's too bad that after the iPhone 6 generation experience, manufactures still release products with a mechanical weak point such as this one.
It shows that +Huawei​​ likely didn't make their own stress test process to take into consideration the new elements, something that other manufacturers appear to have done in comparison.

At least, as observed previously, the phone bends/break above the battery and unlike the iPhone 6 it doesn't make it a safety hazard in this case

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Twitter new like: favs got old

+Twitter made a pragmatic choice by transforming the awkward "favorite" button into a common "like", encouraging healthy and positive interactions between their users.
In fact if you're on Twitter you've probably seen one of your tweets be favorited despite it was not THAT great, and later acted likewise to acknowledge someone else's tweet.

This is where the article's author has a point. Transforming "Fav" into "Like/Love" with a heart button cannot represent accurately the large variety of use people found with this one.
It's a clear choice to direct it in a positive way however.

Only an "ACK" or "Acknowledge" button would be generic enough, without attaching a meaning which could be out of place – better convoyed by words instead.

But an "acknowledge" button, really? I might be watching too much Star Trek 😉


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Learning more about Android Doze mode

A few applications allow to adjust the parameters of Android 6 automatic power saving capability, like +Francisco Franco​​'s Naptime available here:

This other app published on +xda-developers​​ comes with a cool description of the various parameters the system takes into consideration to activate this lower power state.

Interesting read to learn more about how things work ☺

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