Currently measuring +Sony Xperia Z2 display :-)

You can see in this picture my exclusive analysis rig.

There's some dynamic contrast going on but besides that I can tell you already that Sony stepped up big time in panel quality compared to the Z, Z1 but also Z1 compact and Z Ultra.

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Alright I almost completed a brand new automated universal display measurement engine :)

The key here is that it's capable of measuring pretty much any kind of display: smartphone, tablet (any OS), TV, computer..
It also uses several techniques to give accurate results even on display implementing funky dynamic contrast, content adaptive backlight control or other similar effects.

During the process I learned a ton about color theory, maths, algorithms, colorspace conversion and representations.

..Which now gives me ideas on how to write my own automatic and high precision calibration engine!
Later maybe, but it's stuff I'm dreaming of since years actually.

Just letting you now that despite I didn't released new snapshots of the Android app, there's progress 🙂

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Dear next person telling me "Movie Mode" on Samsung smartphones or tablets is color-accurate:

Please check your eye sight with a professional, and don't wait!

Here's the funky color response of Samsung Galaxy S 4 I9500 in Movie Mode.

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Oh yeah, a win here!

Latest 2 or..3 days? and a bit more, I lost track of time I worked on something new, that among other things allows full-resolution measurements.

I never saw that before but I really wanted that for years so.. I did it 🙂
256 values per graph for grayscale.. can't do more accurate on a 24bit display!

This is a very good step towards a full calibration suite for mobile. I'll explain more about it later.

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In their press release, +LG Mobile states, quoting:

accurate colors and clear images without any distortion

Here are measurements of Korean G2 F-320K display that +Erica Griffin has for review.
What I see in those measurement is a different story that what the manufacturer states.

Some diagram interpretation:

CIE gamut and saturation view:
First thing, gamut is a bit larger than sRGB standard with green reaching further, on y axis mostly which means maximum green will be a tad more intense, it's not too bad and as-is will probably just look nice.
However if you look at the saturation, something is happening here:

Green and Blue channels mostly are extremely compressed.
As a result, green at 75% saturation is above sRGB standard coordinates, blue at 75% saturation is not much different from 100% blue.
Cyan gets the same treatment as green and blue.
Red saturation is less compressed, LG was more careful here as it's easy to make people's face look red so people identify this as over-saturated colors immediately.

Gamma and Luminance curves:
Gamma constantly above 2.2 which is the usual calibration target, and about average of sRGB standard.
Average gamma value ends up at 2.46, with an actual contrast ratio of 1097:1 (dynamic contrast neutered)
What does that means? You can see the result in Luminance diagram: the image looks artificially too dark.
It's not that bad when you're in dark viewing conditions, but kinda extreme for a smartphone you will use also in bright viewing conditions: making some things hard to see.
Making the image darker also automatically increase color saturation.

White point temperature:
It seems LG chose D75 illuminant here as target (7500K) even if a spectro would be required to give a perfectly accurate reading.

My conclusion here is clear:
LG say what people and the press want to hear: "accurate colors" but does something else.
They're also surfing on the urban legend stating that IPS displays have accurate colors, bashing their Samsung in the process (which is well deserved on some aspects). Yet aren't they're trying to mimic them at the same time?

Both selective color saturation increase and gamma and darker response curve are here to make the image pop regardless of color accuracy.
Those two elements seem like an attempt to make this IPS display look like an AMOLED panel, or at least a "vibrant display".

It might look good to some buyers but please, LG, don't state you're calibrating your display for accurate colors […] without distortion while you're applying processing with a very specific agenda, that has nothing to do with color accuracy.

Will the non-Korean G2 have displays that are targeting color accuracy?
We'll know that in a couple days.

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Got my Galaxy S Wi-Fi Player 4.2

Its globally convincing (zippy, IPS display with alright color rendering, no obvious bug/flaw) especially for the price: I bought mine for 139€ shipping included on +eBay .

But it sounds a bit off to me so I had to measure the output.
RMAA measurements show THD and IMD+Noise higher than any WM8994 / WM1811 device I tested so far 🙁

My ears are just too sensitive: ruins listening experience. grrr.

You can compare to stock unmodified Nexus 10, powered by the same #WolfsonMicro #WM1811

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RightMark Audio Analyzer test : Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2 Volume Max
RightMark Audio Analyzer test : Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2 Volume Max

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Which kind of display and audio performance can you expect from a 99€ Android Gaming tablet

I found the DEA Factory MyPlay one around here and was curious to measure what can be expected such a cheap device.

So here's a few observations I share with you today.

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DEA Factory MyPlay gaming tablet audio and display observations

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Don't miss my review of Galaxy S II audio performance :)

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