Cool photography product for raw shooters especially (iPhone accessory)

It seems compact enough to be in your pocket when you'll get out: more than Sony QX smart lenses although at the expense of a zoom lens.

+DxO is being dishonest by using the DSLR comparison we read too often: "The power of a DSLR"
They argue that the DXOMark sensor score is "Up to 85" which is slightly higher than as a last-gen Sony 1.5x crop APS-C sensor, despite the DxO One use a Sony 1" sensor.

Actually this is is a theoretical score calculated by using computational photography blending multiple exposures, comparing apple and oranges.
So.. yeah, there's that.

It's good to see new cameras implementing computational photography methods however, including for RAW!

The website announce 650€ to pre-order it, then tell me it will be available only in the US for now (I'm in France)

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DSLR Quality Camera in Your Pocket | DxO ONE |
Get the world’s smallest 1-inch sensor camera and capture beautiful, high-resolution photos anywhere.

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