+Neil Harbisson is a gentleman who's eyes can't see colors, so he decided to extends his perception with a device transforming color hues into sound tones

Now he makes art with his new sense, and also a little bit of philosophy as +BBC News shares in their video.
I liked he's able to capture and describe more than regular humans can see, because he's sensitive to infrared and also gets readings of hues instead of actual colors.

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The man who hears colour

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Color is consistent and close enough to content creators intent in movie theaters because each calibrate their projectors and screens

I've been fascinated by this explanation on how calibration was done for film distribution with inevitable deviations due to the analog nature of the process.

In this video, +CineTechGeek​ shows it consists in calibrating essentially the primaries coordinates. I wonder what the response curve is tho: I suppose essentially linear with a rolloff in highlights?
Cool stuff, I'll watch more or those videos to continue learning about it 😊

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