Phones are running old Linux kernels

The Linux kernel evolves constantly and +Linus Torvalds​ is the person who makes the new versions by deciding which new code makes it or not.
The current Linux stable release is Linux 4.3, from November 1st 2015.
Linux 4.4 is in development of course, this is an constant process.

Android phones and other embedded devices are usually not running the latest and greatest however.
Take for example Android device:
Which kernel is yours running?

Linux 3.0: 21 July 2011
Linux 3.4: 20 May 2012
Linux 3.10: 30 June 2013

Right here I have Nexus phones and tablets running all of these.
– Nexus S doesn't receive any update anymore since Android 4.1.2: Linux 3.0
– Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013, each running latest Marshmallow: Linux 3.4
– Nexus 9, latest Marshmallow: Linux 3.10

Even the newest one is 2.5 years old: how comes?
The article and its comments develop on that.

Discussion on Hacker News:

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Running a mainline kernel on a cellphone []
One of the biggest freedoms associated with free software is the ability to replace a program with an updated or modified version. Even so, of the many millions of people using Linux-powered phones, few are able to run a mainline kernel on those phones, even if they have the technical skills to …

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Ubuntu 15.10 launched!

I'm still using 14.04 on my desktop, laptop, home server and dedicated server, as 14.04 is a long term release, benefitting of years of support.
5 years of support, to be precise!

It helps focusing on working instead of adjusting little things that can break or change with a new distro version.

But it's time to evaluate this new release ☺
A Virtual Machine is always convenient for that.

What's new:

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We've launched! Here's what's new in Ubuntu 15.10 for desktop and devices:

What’s new in Ubuntu 15.10: desktop and devices
The desktop edition of Ubuntu 15.10 will be available for download from today – 22nd October – with the latest developer tools and freshest desktop interface, with a preview of the converged phone, desktop and tablet experience that has been making waves in the tech community. Over-the-air updates to Ubuntu Phone Users of the Ubuntu Phone will automatically receive all features of Ubuntu 15.10, demonstrating for the first time the integration of…

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