The title of the article is kind of a spoiler tho

+Sony, your smartwatch has a vulnerability and it's known and used for some time on +xda-developers

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It's a good idea today to enable the encryption mechanisms offered on our mobile devices, if not a requirement in enterprise or medical environments.
Is using an Android Wear smartwatch a compromise in our professional or personal data protection?

No data protection on Sony Smartwatch 3 (Android Wear)
A few days ago, phoneArena published an article with this title: Hackers can grab personal data from your smartwatch. Because it was only linking to a teaser for a later release and we are using on…

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First article written for is live!

Android Camera2 API promises to revolution digital imaging on smartphones or altogether with advanced capture and processing capabilities that have never been accessible to third party applications before.

Some of what becomes possible is manual controls, computational photography, RAW #DNG capture, full control over video recording, custom image processing. Limits are few.

Here's an analysis on how much of this new API is supported by the #Lollipop devices released during #MWC15 , including the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 flagships.

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Camera2 API on MWC 2015 devices: Galaxy S6, HTC One M9 and more Lollipop devices
Since Google announced Android 5 Lollipop at Google I/O 2014, mobile photography and video enthusiasts are hoping for a sizable upgrade of their smartphone’s camera capabilities. History The histor…

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