+Vincent Sergère review of the Nexus 5X for +FrAndroid

Even in case you can't rely on translation from French, take a look at the +GameBench stuff!

He also sent me the measurements, made with my software #SensorMaster of two units, one of which have a lot more yellow white point than the other so that was interesting to have the full data on that.

First unit (more blue): 432 cd/m² maximum white point, 1326:1 contrast ratio
Second unit (more yellow): 495 cd/m² maximum white point, 1527:1 contrast ratio

Interesting discrepancy, because it also means that the yellow one could absolutely be re-calibrated to match the more blue one both in white point, contrast ratio and maximum brightness!

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Google Nexus 5X
Le Nexus 5X, issu de la collaboration entre Google et LG, est un terminal qui plaira forcément aux amateurs d’expérience Android pure et notamment aux possesseurs d’un Nexus 5 qui ne veulent pas d’une diagonale d’écran trop élevée. Face à son prédécesseur, le Nexus 5X a beaucoup évolué, notamment sur sa partie photo qui devient enfin utilisable avec des clichés de qualité mais aussi avec son autonomie, même si cette dernière reste encore un peu e…

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As I'm thinking about +SpectraStudy #SensorMaster next feature instead of doing proper Saturday night activities, I got curious about how the spectrum of the displays right in front of me look

So there's one each for the Dell 2407 WFP, Galaxy S4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 10.

If the AMOLED and mobile LCDs spectrum are rather typical, the CCFL-backlight desktop monitor spectrum is unlike anything I've seen before.

Now I understand why no software nor sensor I used so far (based on the standard but old CIE 1931 2° observer model) has been capable of color-matching it with others, not even remotely.

This is great for me because that'll be the perfect benchmark for the physiologically relevance of the color matching function I'm integrating in my program.

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