I just kinda installed a #Pibow case on my +Raspberry Pi with +Wolfson Microelectronics Audio Card installed

Not a clean job and I even resorted to glue to make some modifications while overall not having the right tools at my disposal.
Until there's a dedicated case for this setup it's still better than no case at all: easier and safer to handle 🙂

I might cut the remaining screw length now, what do you think?

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In case the All New HTC One camera take good pictures, it will be a good surprise!

Because camera samples that just leaked are bloody awful.

Combining almost everything bad about a (digital) camera:

– Not soft but actually blurry on not spots but actually side of the shot.
– Awful color rendering, pretty much every colors seem non realistic (means inaccurate).
– large hue shift near highlight (like the transition to white in the sky)
– resolution low enough for the lack of detail to be noticed on a 1080p display, today's standard (2688×1520 JPEG, far lower optical and processing resolution)
– visible colored moiré artifacts
– de-mosaicing artifacts instead of fine details
– visible noise at base ISO (125), despite a noise reduction strong enough to smudge details.

Now please tell me those are fake (forged EXIF), because these pictures are the worst quality I saw for a while.
− they actually depict the same performance as the original HTC One.

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Latest YouTube app update increased video scaling quality that was limited to Nearest-neighbor interpolation on most devices

From a quick look it now seem like videos are upscaled using a basic Bilinear interpolation.

This is still poor compared to Bicubic, Lancoz or even better interpolation as provided by native hardware video surfaces on most chipsets but at least it's not completely insulting like it was before.

Note: tested with YouTube 5.5.27 on Nexus 7 (2013) 4.4.2

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