ChromeCast Audio multi-speaker/multiroom first impressions

I just tried two Chromecast audio for the multiroom feature.
It's easy to setup and works well!

When plugging a pair of analog headphones on each Chromecast, CCAudio1 HP1 on left ear, CCAudio2 HP2 on right ear, matching volumes I wasn't able to discern a phase difference when playing a track on Google play music: great result.

It would be worth trying after a while to see if the Chromecast audio drift and how much: if the reference clocks are the DAC ones without compensation after the initial synchronization, I suppose it will drift at some point.

One limitation I experienced is that the volume was not matched anymore between both headphones after adjusting the group volume.

But still: pretty cool stuff, I think this platform has a promising future!

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François Simond

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10 thoughts on “ChromeCast Audio multi-speaker/multiroom first impressions”

  1. One quick question I had in mind for you: Have you, and if not, COULD you try casting to a chromecast audio and a regular chromecast (even if it's the new disc shaped one), to see if it can cast audio to multiple chromecasts that are both not necessarily chromecast audio?

  2. +François Simond​: Hmm. It could be kinda interesting if this feature gets added in a future update. Imagine being able to stream a movie to a chromecast in your living room, and have the audio play in the kitchen or other rooms as well, as you move around the house

  3. +Aaron Nyquist​ analog or digital output? it entirely depends on what you plug it into.
    If it's into an analog system, the DAC of the Chromecast is plenty capable, maybe even more so than an amplifier integrated DAC, or an additional DAC.
    If it's a digital system, like one that would sample via an ADC any line-in to go through a DSP anyway you're better off using the optical out.

  4. My system handles both. I'm just curious if there are any actual gains going optical from the Chromecast as it requires an adapter of sorts . thus not really being and optical output. Or am I wrong? Sorry for confusion . Cheers 😀

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