In case the All New HTC One camera take good pictures, it will be a good surprise!

Because camera samples that just leaked are bloody awful.

Combining almost everything bad about a (digital) camera:

– Not soft but actually blurry on not spots but actually side of the shot.
– Awful color rendering, pretty much every colors seem non realistic (means inaccurate).
– large hue shift near highlight (like the transition to white in the sky)
– resolution low enough for the lack of detail to be noticed on a 1080p display, today's standard (2688×1520 JPEG, far lower optical and processing resolution)
– visible colored moiré artifacts
– de-mosaicing artifacts instead of fine details
– visible noise at base ISO (125), despite a noise reduction strong enough to smudge details.

Now please tell me those are fake (forged EXIF), because these pictures are the worst quality I saw for a while.
− they actually depict the same performance as the original HTC One.

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7 thoughts on “In case the All New HTC One camera take good pictures, it will be a good surprise!”

  1. This is a shame. I hoped it would be better than it's specs, but this is really a no go. My HTC One won't be replaced by the new One.

    What about the Z2's performance? Waiting on +Erica Griffin's in depth review, and I'm between the Z2 when it reaches a reasonable pricing, or a OnePlus One if all the promises are true.

  2. HTC and good camera dont mix. HTC=Horrible Terrible Camera? lol…not that i have anything against them, but every HTC flagship thus far have inferior camera compared to their rivals. Let's see if things can change in this all new one 🙂

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