At least one reason for the Galaxy View

This article on +Engadget​​ received quite a few comments and some of them are very useful to complete the opinion shared by the reviewer.

I particularly like this one, from Agrajaga

Ah, the continued confusion of people with a lack of perspective — in this case older eyes. For me, this is perfect. I already own the older 12.1" Note Pro and it's "too small". This is much more fun to have around for my uses (games and shows while in bed and on the road).

It's common that when you're young or middle age and have good enough vision, you can't imagine the difficulty to read and interact with most technologies for those who do not.
And maybe the Galaxy View is a simple and efficient response for that.

10" tablet? nope. 12" tablet? still too small.
18.4" tablet? Yeah I can see again! And I use a tablet like everyone else!

I remember when my beloved grandpa had his eyes slowly failing on him after 90 years old. As a writer and avid reader it made him sad to let go of another of his favorite activities.
Fortunately he could find as replacement great radio shows giving a voice to the philosophers, scientists and minds he liked to get inspiration from (on France Inter and France Culture for those from here)

Because his mind always stayed as sharp as ever and as he lived up to 95 years old he never lost his curiosity or desire to learn.

Nowadays a lot of content is available online only, and it's a trend that'll only continue.

Who knows, it might be the same when I'll get old. If I was today I would be happy to get a stupidly large tablet to read blogs, Hacker News, watch YouTube, interact with people on social media, write some stuff and be able to use touch apps almost like anyone else on a portable device.

Not such a bad solution for accessibility, this Galaxy View!


I just don’t understand why Samsung’s Galaxy View exists
Even after two weeks, finding a good use case for Samsung’s giant Galaxy View was difficult.

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