Both +Nexus​ 5X and 6P have interesting slow motion capabilities!

With sound, not suffering from obvious aliasing artifacts, offering good detail instead.
While I'm looking forward to direct comparisons with iPhones 6 and 6s, they appear to be by far the best Android phones in this department to date.

Thanks +High Speed Cams​ for the early samples round-up.

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Nexus 6P Slow Motion Quality is Great! – Hi Speed Cameras
Now that the Nexus 6P has been getting into the hands of reviewers you can clearly see that the slow motion mode has great quality. It has audio same as the iPhone and the resolution in 240fps mode is on Par or might be better than the iPhone 6s.

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6 thoughts on “Both +Nexus​ 5X and 6P have interesting slow motion capabilities!”

  1. Is the playback 60fps?
    I'll have to try iPhone 6 and Nexus 6P side by side I think, not having identical scenes side by side it feels like both record at 240fps, one plays back at 60fps and one at 30fps.
    Just a very subjective "feel" though.

  2. i am curious to see better slow motion videos. every video i saw was not so good because of the guy who film. Is simple, press record, spin a coin.
    anyone know if the video can be edited to be only one part slowed down?

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