Casting lossless audio to Chromecast

+Manuel C. is preparing a Chromecast audio review for +FrAndroid and came to me today to talk about that. I shared my impressions and told him that I didn't find the time yet to develop a mini app based on the SDK to stream lossless audio to it.

So he found this music player, which is one of the first app available able to do just that!
The screenshot shows the upload bandwidth which corresponds to 44100 Hz 16-bit PCM Stereo audio when playing a WAV file for a quick verification.

44100*16*2 = 1411200 bit/s = 172 kB/s: perfect!

The name is Shuttle Music Player, from SimpleCity, by +Tim Malseed


– I noticed already a little bug concerning casting audio volume so be careful with that.
Cool and promising app nonetheless, highly recommended try!
– Keep in mind that the Chromecast Audio and Chromecast 2 currently upsample everything to 48 kHz with a non-optimal resampling algorithm. So there's some loss here unless you're streaming 48kHz/16-bit PCM.

Now I can prepare Chomecast Audio quality measurement, nice!

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10 thoughts on “Casting lossless audio to Chromecast”

  1. +Shiv Manas market share, or availability of finalized hardware audio decoders?

    You make me curious to try it again tho, I evaluated it a few years ago before any psy-tuning and while the low bitrate performance was promising, transparency at higher one was not quite there nor competitive to my trained ears.

  2. what I want to know is if the solo violinist on my finest recording snaps a string whilst plucking a cresendo note, is the streaming pure enough to tear a rent in my paper cone drivers?

  3. I had to look that up. I will see if my local grocer has any in stock. Does it come in any other colour than green?
    Also, if the Chromecast fails to rip my speakers, can I take legal action for misrepresentation against Google for a sub standard protocol.

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