+Cyanogen offered me an incredible opportunity to continue working on displays and audio, but at a larger scale

I'm honored +Android Police +Michael Crider cared about interviewing me.

Yesterday I flooded Michael for hours with details and explanations.
Talking about projects I'm working on with passion to improve user experience on mobile in very specific areas.
Kudos to him for managing to write an article out of it ๐Ÿ™‚

I just started at +Cyanogen so there's a lot to learn. I'll do my best to transform R&D into concrete products, and there's no other place to make this real in connection with the developer community and a large and enthusiastic users base.

Feel free to drop any question, I'll do my best to answer here with what I know.

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There's some great stuff in here for audiophiles and videophiles. Thanks to +François Simond for the interview!

[Interview] Cyanogen, Inc. Hires François ‘Supercurio’ Simond To Expand Audio And Screen Calibration In Android
Cyanogen, Inc. has been adding staff to its small but growing roster at a steady pace ever since the company had its big coming out party. And like its ini… by Michael Crider in Features, Interviews, Interviews, News

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Franรงois Simond

Mobile engineer & analyst specialized in, display, camera color calibration, audio tuning

43 thoughts on “+Cyanogen offered me an incredible opportunity to continue working on displays and audio, but at a larger scale”

  1. Been following you since VooDoo sound on the i9000. I don't appreciate a good display as much as I do a good sound, but I'm looking forward to what you and CM produce!

  2. +Patrick Sullivan Yes.
    For the Nexus 7 2013 I managed to build a driver to load calibration profiles in hardware without even root from an app.
    Being able to extend the OS itself, being integrated inside the ROM will make some several aspects much easier.
    Doing it right, via clean implementations and clean APIs instead of malware-like driver hooks overriding stuff hidden in RAW memory ^^

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