Dear UK, what are you doing?!

It might be time to throw out your current leaders.

In case anyone was ever doubting that adult content filters were just a first step for control freak authorities having no limit on how ready they are to violate any citizen privacy… here's your proof.

On the positive side if there is any, it will only encourage every site owner to switch to HTTPS, either with their own certificates with or via +CloudFlare​​​​ free solution, sufficient to avoid HTTP requests logging from ISPs in a few clicks.

I've activated that for my sites until is shipping. Unless you prefer to obtain full-fledged certificates, I would strongly encourage you to do that too given the current direction of things.

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UK bill forcing ISPs to store users’ browsing history to be published today

UK bill forcing ISPs to store users’ browsing history on its way
New surveillance laws in the works will require broadband providers to store details of every site citizens visited in the past 12 months, reports the BBC.

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17 thoughts on “Dear UK, what are you doing?!”

  1. This is what happens when paranoia takes control. There's really no other way to explain it.
    "Fighting terrorism" has become the buzz phrase to stop citizens ftom complain about their civil liberties.

    It's like that episode of Family Guy where Lois was running for office and just said 9/11 over and over.

  2. +Franklyn Pearson it's not paranoia, not from the politics who make the laws. The they know better!
    This is about power and control, power is inebriating and politicians love it. Never did politicians – – or anywhere for the matter – – have that much power on hand and they are only starting.
    Politicians always tried to control masses now they are on they way to have their blast.

    The paranoia and lack of willpower is from the generic public that mostly doesn't care enough to think for their own and doubt some things they should doubt. Many people are too deep into their ego trip to notice, others prefer to delegate those decisions to others.
    Meanwhile we are losing.. This can be the start of humanity deepest regret

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