I made some refinements to my display calibration algorithm

Here's the result on my Nexus 5: not bad.
(the target is D65 white point, gamma 2.2 optical transfer function)

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François Simond

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4 thoughts on “I made some refinements to my display calibration algorithm”

  1. +Mark Stronge​​​​​ technically here's how it's done:
    – High precision reading of a regular Nexus 5 display using SensorMaster
    – usage of this data by my calibration algorithm, defining also the target white point & transfer function (gamma) and near black transition strategy
    – loading the correction profile generated using my custom driver in the mobile display controller (using root, stock firmware and kernel)

  2. Another curiosity…
    The measurements you made for example in devices like the galaxy s5 are several on multiple devices or just one?
    These measurements made on multiple devices are consistent between them?

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