First consumer grade 360° video camera

+Tony Northrup​​​​​​ demonstrates the Ricoh Theta S in this insightful review.
Everyone will find his own usage of course but that's the first video I see from it showing so well how to use this little tool with examples for commercial purposes, family memories or even plain vlogging.

If you find the picture quality sufficient, go ahead!
Otherwise it might be wise to wait for a future product that will record at higher resolution, with sharper lenses, with a little better color profiling.

360° video will get substantially better with 4K overall, including recording on such device: as you can observe, due to the dual circular projection, what is recorded lacks details:
– once transformed geometrically into a 360 video
– once again projected into planar or VR view.

Even with 1080p delivery, higher resolution recording will help.
I don't know about you but I'll certainly get one at some point ☺

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