Got my Galaxy S Wi-Fi Player 4.2

Its globally convincing (zippy, IPS display with alright color rendering, no obvious bug/flaw) especially for the price: I bought mine for 139€ shipping included on +eBay .

But it sounds a bit off to me so I had to measure the output.
RMAA measurements show THD and IMD+Noise higher than any WM8994 / WM1811 device I tested so far 🙁

My ears are just too sensitive: ruins listening experience. grrr.

You can compare to stock unmodified Nexus 10, powered by the same #WolfsonMicro #WM1811

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RightMark Audio Analyzer test : Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2 Volume Max
RightMark Audio Analyzer test : Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2 Volume Max

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11 thoughts on “Got my Galaxy S Wi-Fi Player 4.2”

  1. Just stock android, gingerbread . To my knowledge I don't think there are alternative firmware for it, only for the 4.0 and 5.0. But that maybe has changed, I don't check for it in a long time.

    Sorry for bringing this topic now but I was searching for the thd value of the galaxy 4.2 and Google presented me with this topic

  2. +Joaquim Santos nope but I would be curious to try and measure that, as well as the others using the Sabre DAC & HP amp.
    I've read that some like the LG V10 have a separate audio subsystem that's only used by their own player app with any format supported and all the other apps are going through Android AudioFlinger and it's standard mixing and resampling. Curious to observe if the Meizu does that too, if it actually support high resolution audio altogether also.

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