Improvised Nexus 6P vs Nexus 5 HDR+ low light photoshoot

I walked around in Chambéry with two cameras, so that happened.
The 6P HDR+ works better in low light to extend dynamic range, and it's also performing great to extend the dynamic range in order to preserve skys.

While the 6P camera preforms rather poorly in great lighting due to suboptimal automatic settings and below average color rendition, it becomes an excellent performer in low-light.
The new HDR+ computational photography algorithms working with the large 1/2.3" sensor equipped with f/2.0 aperture lens is a worthy alternative to OIS in stills .. at least compared to the Nexus 5, which you can see is still capable of perfectly usable shots in most situations.

The 6P camera is an absolute killer for selfies however. HDR+ on this one makes wonder to expose the face and everything else in the worst conditions.
The focus distance is close enough to keep your face sharp and get some background blur. Even in low light, the amount of detail preserved is high: enough to show your skin texture, which is fine in some case, unflattering in others (in good lighting) where the sharpening will highlight skin imperfections instead.

I made this album because it also demonstrates that if color profiling accuracy is crucial for great outdoor shots: our eyes and brain are highly trained to recognize subtle color tones found in nature it is not as much if at all in artificial lighting. That's part of why the Nexus 6P camera can be an excellent performer in these situation despite it essentially sucks in sunny outdoor natural conditions.

– As you can notice, the field of view of the Nexus 6P is larger than the Nexus 5. It's pretty convenient for architecture and landscape, less suited to shoot people.
– Both Nexus 6P and 5 bokeh circles are not very good.
– I had to delete roughly 1/3 of out of focus shots from the Nexus 6P. It misses is just a bit quite often in low light, leaving you with a good looking but a bit blurry picture. Make sure to review and shoot again.
– Unless specified, the exposure is in full auto (and sometimes not what I would choose manually)
– The Nexus 6P is lacking exposure compensation entirely, while it is available even on HDR+ on the Nexus 5.

Oh and it was also the opportunity to take some pics of my city before leaving for Stockholm 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Improvised Nexus 6P vs Nexus 5 HDR+ low light photoshoot”

  1. That's why i'd still like to have a working 5X. It's great that you can take a shot in normal/low room lighting and it comes out great most of the time. :p

    I realized quite late that HDR+ also works on the front facing camera (and works wonders!) which made me wonder again: wouldn't HDR+ work on other devices as well? What are the hardware requirements?

  2. Why not compare the 6P with the 6? It would be interesting to actually see what difference HDR+ has between the two. (Considering the two different HDR+ implementations for the Nexus 6 – the old and the new ones).

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