Dear next person telling me "Movie Mode" on Samsung smartphones or tablets is color-accurate:

Please check your eye sight with a professional, and don't wait!

Here's the funky color response of Samsung Galaxy S 4 I9500 in Movie Mode.

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18 thoughts on “Dear next person telling me "Movie Mode" on Samsung smartphones or tablets is color-accurate:”

  1. +Friedrich Sinofzik Movie Mode is made with manipulations that make no sense at all in a color accuracy perspective.
    I would say it's a color grading that gives the image a distinctive look.
    Some people might like it as a special image effect, but it gets old quickly and is of course irrelevant if you want to see colors remotely as they are supposed to be on your display.

  2. A curious fact to.
    I'm just now using 2 devices N7100.
    One is 6 month old.
    The other is new, 2 day old.
    using full screen colours patterns RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE.GRAY.
    The old one when under RED pattern seems little more dark ( almost imperceptible).
    The GREEN on both seems exact the same.
    Tje BLUE on the old one seems little more "white" or clean.
    The White on the old one seem with a touch of very, very, very soft pale blue.

    The Gray on the old one have a more perceptible blue tone.

  3. +supercurio François Simond I'm using the Devil/Perseu kernel with Trickster mod app, first thing I change is the screen .
    I disable all register intercept and I'm using the basic master sequence just with all off.
    Just the chroma Saturation on and using the factory cd.
    the colours seems more equalised.

    My Brother by other side ( a non geek VET guy) prefer the BURNING DEFAULT colours… in everything.
    He loves the way red colours show.

  4. +supercurio François Simond Seems more a kind of burn in.
    From my last AMOLED devices. The first weeks of use under intense back light are the "decisive" to have or not burn ins in specific areas of screen and of course more old the device seems more this happens, but more uniform with the entire screen .

    They need to print some warning to not use for long time under hight back light the device before one or 2 months.

    The new AMOLEd screens seems more susceptible to burn ins when under heavy back light for long time.

    I'm curious about BIG AMOLED TV's and this BURN IN problems.

  5. Heh people have attacked me for months and this is in development for my full review. For example, look at your app tray in movie mode! It's a tattered mess of undersaturated colors then suddenly BOOM full yellow and orange. Just awful.

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