Strange Google Fit evolution

Google fit had this convenient menu entry named "Log your weight", which is something I do about every day for a few years.
I'm using the Android app Libra as well. It is actually much better than Google Fit at weight tracking thanks to adequate data smoothing, giving a better idea on how your weight is evolving.

Google Fit uses your weight for calories calculations however so it's a good idea to keep it up to date.

But Google removed the "Log your weight" access in latest Fit app update.
Version 1.55.41-008


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11 thoughts on “Strange Google Fit evolution”

  1. +Alberto Salmerón Moreno​ just sent this mail to the author.
    He doesn't answer to question in the Google+ community for a while however, so maybe he moved on and I hope he's okay.

    Hello Daniel !

    I'm a developer and happy user of Libra for several years.
    Google just released a Google Fit update that makes weight logging cumbersome.

    I was wondering if Libra was still open-source. Since it's an app I use daily I would consider contributing a fix for the Google Fit integration.


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