One of the targets I use for camera calibration purposes lately

Funny what +Google Photos auto awesome does with it!
Useful too as X-Rite ColorChecker Digital SG uses a semi-gloss finish and I was shooting it at various angles to see the effect of sun reflections.

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I don't know if I'll have the time to develop later, so in case I don't:

New Camera2 API is brilliant!

It's a complete revolution in what Android Camera apps can do with the camera, bringing terrific new processing capabilities (using various forms of hardware acceleration).

Most of what only vendor's Camera apps, using proprietary APIs and sometimes ISP (Image Signal Processing) specific features will now be possible with third party apps.
– burst and any application using high speed burst shots like HDR, Superresolution.
– RAW saved as DNG
– non-compressed de-bayered images to process with the CPU or GPU with GL ES shaders
– Color space conversion from native sensor RGB and custom contrast curve or tone mapping.

And a lot more: With L, Android enters a totally new territory for its Camera.

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In case the All New HTC One camera take good pictures, it will be a good surprise!

Because camera samples that just leaked are bloody awful.

Combining almost everything bad about a (digital) camera:

– Not soft but actually blurry on not spots but actually side of the shot.
– Awful color rendering, pretty much every colors seem non realistic (means inaccurate).
– large hue shift near highlight (like the transition to white in the sky)
– resolution low enough for the lack of detail to be noticed on a 1080p display, today's standard (2688×1520 JPEG, far lower optical and processing resolution)
– visible colored moiré artifacts
– de-mosaicing artifacts instead of fine details
– visible noise at base ISO (125), despite a noise reduction strong enough to smudge details.

Now please tell me those are fake (forged EXIF), because these pictures are the worst quality I saw for a while.
− they actually depict the same performance as the original HTC One.

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