More ARM Mali-4xx GPUs

Maybe you remember of the Mali 400 GPU debuting on the Galaxy SII.
Apparently, this old design is here to stay thanks to how small it is, its power efficiency – and I suppose its costs as well, with the announcement of the Mali 470 tailored to TVs wearable and IoT.

The gorgeous Elephone ELE smartwatch, build from MediaTek's MT2601 SoC is one of the devices illustrating that the Mali 400 is still very much in use and current.
Well, even the Samsung Gear S2 uses the same GPU architecture, with its Exynos 3250.

The 470 is said to be twice as power efficient as the Mali-400
(not sure if it's with the same process)

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ARM Announces Mali-470 GPU: Low Power For Wearables & More

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