Ubuntu 15.10 launched!

I'm still using 14.04 on my desktop, laptop, home server and dedicated server, as 14.04 is a long term release, benefitting of years of support.
5 years of support, to be precise!

It helps focusing on working instead of adjusting little things that can break or change with a new distro version.

But it's time to evaluate this new release ☺
A Virtual Machine is always convenient for that.

What's new:

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We've launched! Here's what's new in Ubuntu 15.10 for desktop and devices: http://ubunt.eu/15.10

What’s new in Ubuntu 15.10: desktop and devices
The desktop edition of Ubuntu 15.10 will be available for download from today – 22nd October – with the latest developer tools and freshest desktop interface, with a preview of the converged phone, desktop and tablet experience that has been making waves in the tech community. Over-the-air updates to Ubuntu Phone Users of the Ubuntu Phone will automatically receive all features of Ubuntu 15.10, demonstrating for the first time the integration of…

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10 thoughts on “Ubuntu 15.10 launched!”

  1. +Joaquim Santos​​​ as my whole environment is Linux based I'm not aware of such issue.
    Are you referring to a Windows ssh client that would ship with inadequate defaults, like for character encodings?

    Sometimes I use a ssh client from my phone for a small configuration change, it's convenient.
    My server machines don't have graphical packages or libs installed tho, using VNC for graphical UIs would be kind of a pain instead.

  2. I don't know what apps you're thinking of +Joaquim Santos but a Linux server certainly doesn't require any gui running to provide any services you could think of. I've never ever installed any Linux server with a gui in my 20 years running Linux. Totally pointless. As they're either virtual or headless (or remote).

  3. +François Simond​​​​​ i was referring to tunnelling thru ssh. Mine do have gui because I need them occasionally for things that a server isn't usually used. I use ssh for the most part, almost 90% of the time if not more.
    I don't use Windows since more than 10 years, not even as clients

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