I'm tagging little by little old posts to add them to the new +WordPress​​​ blog I installed on http://supercur.io

It's hard to tell for how long +Google+​​​ will stay relevant and be used.
I also found that indexing of posts being terrible overall.

A self-hosted blog however, you know it will last!
It's possible to find its content in a search engine.
It only costs a little money per year for the domain name but that's it.

Maybe because of the social media aspects and because I like my audience (you) I'm much more inclined to write things here than on a +WordPress​​​ site or app.
On +Google+​​​ I just write, publish and.. done! It's that quick and easy. And later I re-read and correct if needed, instead of proofreading too much like I do otherwise.

Auto-importing these posts (when tagged with #supercurioBlog ) might be what I need to combine spontaneity and sustainability.

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François Simond

Mobile engineer & analyst specialized in, display, camera color calibration, audio tuning

17 thoughts on “I'm tagging little by little old posts to add them to the new +WordPress​​​ blog I installed on http://supercur.io”

  1. Then go. Leave G+. It keeps growing every month, but if your fan base and users are primarily non-technical twitter/facebook types, go where you users are. Look at those follower totals. Do you have the least followers here?

  2. Ok….. How about this..
    Transition from WordPress, which is a security nightmare waiting to happen anyway, to Blogger. Then you can set your posts to automatically post here (like I do) and link to them like you would a wordpress post. It's all kinds of lazy. All I use is blogger with a custom URL.

  3. +Scott Wilson​​ what this does is the reverse operation actually.
    I blog on +Google+​​​ as usual (website or mobile app), and all that's needed for a post that turns out to be worthwhile for some reason is for me to add the #supercurioBlog tag in the end (or later).
    This way it allows to select some instead of mirroring everything.

    I prefer the freedom and independence of self-hosting also. +WordPress​​​ with automatic updates should be fine – there's no perfect solution tho 😉

    It's a pragmatic approach because I can only observe that I write on Google+ and pretty much don't in a +WordPress​​, this way I can combine the strength of both 😎

  4. I'm a joomla fan myself and use easyblog which can post to g+ Facebook twitter at the same time. Can be composed on desktop or mobile or even email which it creates the post from but that suits my needs maybe diff to others

  5. I'm a "not having to care" fan. What I like about Blogger is while my previous WordPress blog hosted on burst got DDoS'd into the ground on four separate occasions, nobody is going to DDoS blogger. Won't happen. And I don't have to worry about security updates. And two-factor auth was stupid easy. So it's secure, cheap (free), robust, and reliable.

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