So now, having manually selectable screen rendering presets is considered as color management

You'll find also the usual:
– 2.35 gamma instead of 2.2 but "very good accuracy"
– only 21 color measured at only 100% and 50% saturation to be sure not showing too much of the color deviations

I couldn't read the whole thing, my BS detector was tripped up to angry levels this time.. color management! oh come on. I have no words.

This whole series of "shoot-out" is either result of manifest incompetence or purposefully misleading (or both)

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Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge OLED Display Technology Shoot-Out
Introduction. A key element for a great Smartphone has always been a truly innovative and top performing display, and the best leading edge Smartphones have always flaunted their beautiful high tech displays. The Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series are flagship Smartphones for Samsung to show off …

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29 thoughts on “So now, having manually selectable screen rendering presets is considered as color management”

  1. +Alexis Wach the main problem is that the author:
    – Doesn't disclose his current business status with Samsung (he was working under contract with them before)
    – Ignores the data he publishes in his own analysis and conclusions to have only positive (to say the least) things to say
    – Chose selectively measurements and analysis method that will help him reaching the conclusions he wants.

    I believe that the media outlets should ask him more about elements allowing to establish if he's biased or not before reprinting his documents.

    The fact Samsung marketing uses his own words, and he says the same thing as Samsung marketing, and each time push things even further (claiming color management is seriously unbelievable) leaves little doubt on what's going on tho.

  2. Thanks for exposing this. I've seen on many sites that this displaymate site is the "go to" site for accurate information on displays. I guess it's better if possible to look at the screen with your own eyes and if you like it, cool.

  3. "Color management" is effectively goalpost moving.

    If you select Cinema mode and if you're willing to deal with the fact that their entire UI, application stack, images, wallpapers, etc were designed with their insanely oversaturated defaults in mind, and if you can deal with most of their adaptive display features only applying to their default apps and a handful of others, then it is a reasonably accurate display with decent options.

    They are effectively giving you a "choice" between the default shipped saturated crap that most people will never think to tick an alternate mode and makes third party apps look inaccurate, or you can choose their decently calibrated alternates that make third party apps look close to what they should while the apps and UI they created looks washed out because they didn't design their software with accuracy in mind.

  4. +Jonathan Franklin yes.
    Actualkly the basic mode won't be accurate either, and look "off" to regular people who will stay away from it for good reasons.
    Samsung AMOLED gamma average is above 2.4 on their latest calibration, which makes everything too dark and also mechanically increase color saturation.
    To compensate for the latter, they decrease by processing the saturation.
    Unsurprisingly, trying to correct wrong by more wrong doesn't work out so well.

    Analysis who will look separately at the gamut+saturation graphs and gamma might miss the point.
    Color accuracy needs every criteria to be met, failing at one and trying to compensate on another is not an option.
    I really wish reviewers would understand that, and also use tools fit to measure mobile displays (no full screen patterns!)

  5. People. I was at IFA 2014 in Berlin. It was amazing. But for me the Gakaxy Note 4 was the best smartphone and I think it's the most complete and innovative device. I could touch it and check its characteristics. Wow!!!!! I am waiting for buy it.

  6. +François Simond that's largely a beef I have with nearly every major OEM. Fans pick on Apple there but Apple generally does as well as they can with the given hardware generation.

    People expect developers and designers to obsess over minute details yet nearly every major flagship halfasses their display implementation. In the case of AMOLED you not only have this as a starting point, but the less talked about point that the subpixels (particularly blue) still degrade at an uneven rate and substantially faster than LCD. Most even recent generation devices with such start looking like a tobacco stain after a good year worth of moderate to heavy use. Degrading is a given, but noticeably doing so before the duration of your average device lifecycle is a problem.

  7. +Jonathan Franklin yes display calibration is not taken seriously most of the time, and I've seen that first-hand in my previous job very recently. End result being only influenced by lack of knowledge and ambition.
    Apple claimed sRGB support for the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, I look forward confirming that.
    Until now, their displays (beside the iPad mini had) around sRGB/Rec.709 gamut but the white point was not D65 at all.
    So according to what they said their new white point should be D65 now, we'll see.

    Traditionally, their gamma was targeting 2.2 with black point compensation which is reasonable. I don't expect this to change.

  8. I've follow you for a long time, any you seem dissatisfied with every display. Is there a phone display which you feel is absolutely the most accurate? I love to check it out to have a clear idea of what accurate color really means. it will be easier for normal user to benchmark a new display if we have a standard reference to compare.

  9. Isn't this the same site that has done this same thing with all the latest crops of Samsung phones? I believe they have been doing and saying the same shit all the way back to gs4.

  10. +Raymond Wong it's interesting to see that there's massive progress in resolution or power efficiency on mobile displays, but often incoherent evolution regarding color.
    That's the reason I am still dissatisfied: the technology is here but misused due to the lack of direction.
    Today's example is interesting because instead of real progress regarding color accuracy, what we can see is the same old Samsung stuff but repackaged with a new kind of marketing.
    One noticeable progress on Samsung part is the sample-to-sample consistency of their calibration methodology, which if it's still targeting inaccurate colors give less deviations from one device to another.

  11. +Brian Z yes it's the same site.
    As +Erica Griffin pointed out at the previous iteration, +DisplayMate also point out that they don't buy devices to review them but require manufacturers to send them evaluation units.
    Most of what he reviews are products from companies he has directly or indirectly worked as consultant with, which should be disclosed as a clear disclaimer.
    It has the potential of conflict of interest. Which becomes a bit too apparent here, ending in absurd statements that become rather difficult to ignore as they become increasingly bolder each time.

  12. Yup that's what I thought. In one of Anands reviews of a Galaxy device he called them out on the Hush Hush. He didn't name names but he clearly called them out for it.

    In this instance I'm using Anand in reference to the site. Not the actual reviewer. I don't recall if Brian or Anand or somebody else did the piece.

    It's sad that this site can do this same crap over and over again and the rest of tech media, cough blogs, just repeat it over and over again. And that is what annoys the hell out of me more than anything.

  13. +François Simond so what is the best phone display on the market now? seems like you and Erica dislike all displays. does color accuracy really have to be super accurate for a display to be great? doesn't that mean all amoled displays are crap? I think most people like the vibrancy of amoleds. but is it even possible for a phone display to be awesome then?

    also, did you let Displaymate know that they are bullshit? you should let them know they are not trustworthy and liars.

  14. +Jeremy C. I cant speak for him but this is my view on it. And its fairly simple and easy to understand.

    I don't need the most accurate display ever. Or even class leading to be honest. Just not awful. Anyways that is not the point. That is personal preference. When you claim something is the most accurate display that is no longer a preference. That requires data / measurements / proof. That is not opinion. So when you make a claim that any display period is the most accurate and the data shows otherwise, you're doing it wrong. Terribly wrong and that is the issue. Not if he, she or me actually likes the display.

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