Android Wear app update: feedback not encouraging

And why would they remove the battery stats?
It's the function I use the most in the app…
Maybe Google noticed that people were using it quite a bit (including to share their disappointment) and wants people to focus on other things instead.
I don't have any other theories.

So no update for now, I disabled automatic updates on the package.

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9 thoughts on “Android Wear app update: feedback not encouraging”

  1. It's odd but I haven't had battery stats on my Moto 360 since Lollipop.

    Android Police did the teardown of the the last wear update and there was no mention a marshmellow in there. We, is Motorola guys especially, may have a wait.

  2. From my experience it never got close to adding up. Watch showing a low warning at 5pm, check battery stats, no obvious plummets during the day and numbers something like this "Watch idle 10%, Screen 8%, Watchmaker 2%", absolutely no idea where the other 70% went.

  3. Battery stats not adding up was a big one, and the only thing that worked about it was, essentially, the histogram. I think someone at Google saw how broken the actual stats were and decided to make an executive decision to remove it until it wasn't embarrassingly unfinished, as it clearly was.

  4. I.think the next update will explain all this changes. Most likely some menus / options already exist in the new Wear app but they are hidden due to lack of appropriate firmware on the watch side.

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