I've been looking forward to see reviews since I finished implementing the RAW DNG profiling and calibration for +Cyanogen on the OnePlus One a couple months ago

+Tek Syndicate just published one in video and they're pretty enthusiasts about the results 🙂

A tip about converter software: +Albert Manduca, who shows his experience with RAW editing uses +Adobe Lightroom which is great as it's one of the software that implement all the DNG capabilities I used during profiling.
* Color calibration
* Noise profiling
* Lens vignetting correction and sensor color uniformity

DNG files are the RAW sensor data plus metadata that describe shooting conditions and how to transform what the sensor sees into a corrected image representing colors as they are.
Compared to proprietary RAW formats, DNG is self-describing.

Smartphones' captures require more correction than other cameras due to their physical constrains.
Some converters support DNG but not all its features.
Typically, noise, vignette or color uniformity won't be corrected as expected, color conversion incomplete, exposure compensation not applied so be sure to use a fully fledged RAW editor!

By the way, did anyone made a comparison with a Lumia DNG?

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35 thoughts on “I've been looking forward to see reviews since I finished implementing the RAW DNG profiling and calibration for +Cyanogen on the OnePlus One a couple months ago”

  1. With the 'Save raw image' option enabled I often have camera faults where 'cannot connect to camera' is displayed after taking pictures. The only fix is a reboot.

  2. +Jasper Linford yes RAW capability comes with Android L Camera2 API.
    However it doesn't guarantee that each manufacturer will implement it, so we'll see.
    Also I evaluated the DNG implementation in current preview on Nexus 5 and the profiling is rather poor, but if you're interested in that make sure to continue following my posts 😉

  3. Apples and oranges: Having a lowly G2 I use Mi2cam for DNG photos. Don't know if it's the implementation or my lack if skillz but I don't get results from lightroom worth the added steps. Noise and color correction is way off.
    However Photoshop Express does DNG on the phone, can give impressive results and is much easier.

  4. +Franklyn Pearson when I checked Mi2cam, about 2 months ago on the OnePlus, the DNG had only basic color conversion, no correction for vignetting and color cast or other advanced profiling.
    It prevents reaching high quality results even for skilled photographers.
    That's why I was anxious to see reviews on this work from experts used to play with professional equipment like guys at +Tek Syndicate!

  5. +Dan Brookes Rawtherapee has a custom, different implementation of the color calibration algorithms, lacks noise, vignetting, color cast support.
    Some of that can be compensated manually, some not.
    It's brilliant software but lacks dearly in standard DNG features support: expect to spend vast amount of time for problematic results.

  6. +Jeffrey Kovács about Photoshop express, note that results will vary with the quality of the DNG profiling implemented in the camera application.
    You won't get the corrections required with Mi2raw until they get implemented by the app author, but results will be good with CM camera app (essentially the same as Lightroom or Photoshop on dekstop)

  7. +Archish R.S. there is two parameters:
    – JPEG output is tuned for a specific look and intent. It doesn't mean it has to be low quality, but very strong noise reduction + overdone sharpening and others enhancements + high contrast and saturation can be what some people want, and it will look like crap for some others.
    – manual post processing allows to correct for white balance and exposure compensation, which are usually determined by automatisms that can't be always right .
    It also allows to add an artistic intent that's either better or worse depending on each viewer preferences 😉

  8. It sure is a great feature to have. But I think its very important for the camera software and firmware to do good processing too. Many people just shoot in Auto or HDR modes. I preordered 1+1 and hope its better then my current N5, especially in lower indoors lightning.

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