Today, day 3 at #MWC15 was great!

I progressed with the measurements TODO:
– Huawei Honor 6 Plus
– Huawei Mate 7
– Asus Zenfone 1080p standard and with white point tuned to warmer, after the 720p variant measured in different modes yesterday as well
– Saygus V2: I spent so much time talking there too with a very open-minded product manager who selected most of the device's components
– Lenovo VIBE Shot
– Nexus 6, because I didn't had it yet

What didn't work out:
– Sony who refused anything I needed on all their Z3 and Z3 compact running lollipop, the Z4 tablet and M4 Aqua (not a very promising device BTW), I even got annoyed a little bit.
– LG GFlex 2: all of them were running a custom build for MWC, preventing WiFi to work properly which I need for my portable lab.

Then I had the chance to meet by accident +Jeremy Meiss​, +Chainfire​ and a nice +Paranoid Android​ developer I'm very ashamed to have forgotten the name.

There's still a lot in the list, but it was a productive day.

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11 thoughts on “Today, day 3 at #MWC15 was great!”

  1. I'm sorry but I need to ask you a question. My Nexus 5 compass is offset around 90 degrees and doing the rotation of all axis doesn't solve it.
    Do you know any dial code or any other way to reset compass? I can't find any and this is driving me nuts.
    Can you help +François Simond​? I'm sorry for asking it here..

  2. +Friedrich Sinofzik the device shown were not so smooth and each unit had their glass trashed with fingerprints that wouldn't come off, due to the lack of oleophobic coating?
    There was also visible lines when viewing the display from a top or bottom angle.. Then I was told I wasn't allowed to to what I needed so I walked away.

  3. +François Simond​​​​​ I dunno, they kept touting their excellent outdoor screen readability and custom power management chip. I just assumed they had some kind of transflective technology to prevent washout in bright ambient conditions. Their exact claims are as follows:

    "The V²’s impressive edge to edge border less 5″ 1080p FHD display also includes sunlight viewable capability allowing for video, movie or photo viewing in direct sunlight using and [sic] new technology from Silicon Valley."

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