What is Galaxy S6 AMOLED maximum brightness under the sun and with maximum brightness activated?

This is how I simulated sun today!

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18 thoughts on “What is Galaxy S6 AMOLED maximum brightness under the sun and with maximum brightness activated?”

  1. +Rob Ban I think they avoid on screen for a reason. Nexus 6 ring a bell? Lol but yeah on screen buttons would be nice. Samsung did a nice job this year. BTW what's UFS lol faster read and write speeds? Just guessing no idea.

  2. +Luis Ojeda UFS 2.0 = Universal Flash Storage version 2.0 standard. Basically, it is faster and more efficient internal storage than the eMMC used in most phones prior to the S6.
    As for on-screen keys, they use physical buttons as a brand and because AMOLED screens have issues with uneven wearing if a significant portion of the pixels are off for a majority of the time the display is running, such as using black background for the status and button areas. That leads to some fairly obvious burn-in even after relatively short periods of time.

  3. +Kirill Skorobogat​ technically yes but not by far, they are around 40% of Asia population and there's not a nation in Asia that has more population than China, not even India.
    About this all thing.. Yes your right but I think it's not a bad mistake referring to the Chinese as the target notion for smartphone acceptance. Just look at Apple and all the strings it pulled to start selling their iPhone there last year.. It's one of the most wanted target for smartphone manufacturers. India also and also the rest of Asia but China is number 1 on that.
    But i don't think the hardware buttons are on the Samsung line because of Chinese, they are because they always been there and most common smartphones users like them. Apple also knows the importance of keeping it's hardware button.

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