Testing Galaxy S6 44.1k to 48k audio resampler

It does okay with the CCIF IMD 19+20kHz sines, but introduce audible artifacts on the udial sample.

Surprisingly, the Galaxy S4 Exynos on Lollipop does better, so Samsung mobile missed something here.

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François Simond

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16 thoughts on “Testing Galaxy S6 44.1k to 48k audio resampler”

  1. Could you report back on your opinion/testing on the other major phones at the MWC in regards to headphone out sound quality. I am still using a Note 2 with your voodoo sound and was hoping for a better upgrade this year. Thanks.

  2. +François Simond​ wouldn't it be better to test the retail version after April 10? I know it's a benchmark, however can you "ELI5" and tell me what song(s) This will even matter in, and don't the different devices we connect our phones to, further mitigate anything negative in the resampling?

  3. thank you for the reply. well i can confirm it still defaults to 48 khz and it's affecting the sounds quality through my geek out 450 usb dac with lots of click/pops and some distortion..especially while the phone is being used.. any suggestions would be very much appreciated

  4. +Phil Mike Hunt Oh that's not good, however it might be another issue usually the output path for USB DAC is separate from the what's going to the internal codec.
    On most devices, the USB DAC output will be done at 44k instead. (although I never had the opportunity to verify if it was bypassing resampling entirely or mixed in 48k and then downsampled again)
    In no case clicks and pops should be present in the output tho.
    You can try with another DAC (any usb sound card) if you can access one to see if the same issue occurs or if it's only with this DAC.

  5. the dac has a sample rate indicator on and is indeed receiving 48khz signal from the s6. the pops don't seem to happen with my other dac "dragonfly" but the audio quality definately isn't as good as from my laptop at 44.1..so i was wondering if a custom kernel would let me diaable the upsampling

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