Some more +Samsung Mobile Galaxy S6 exclusive hardware analysis, on audio and camera!

The audio codec used is Cirrus Logic / +Wolfson Microelectronics WM1840, which is not a part listed on their public website and also rather elusive on the web.

As there's outputs named HPOUT1L to HPOUT3R, I would guess that it's equipped with 6 DAC channels to line/or amplified headphones out, and from with the same approach 4 DAC channels to speaker out.
I count as well 4 audio input interface (from the CPU to the codec), 2 stereo ASRC, 2 stereo DRC, and DSP count goes from 1 to 7.
Well you got the point, lots of channels and mixing capabilities 🙂

Galaxy S6 audioflinger native sampling frequency is 48kHz.
I didn't evaluate the quality of the resampler yet.

The back camera sensor is confirmed to be a Sony IMX240, the same as rumored and already present in the Note 4.
It means the additional features compared to its bigger brother come from ISP capabilities, not the sensor itself.

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  1. How does this compare to their previous phones, the audio. What about other phones?

    I have the Samsung mega from MetroPCS and unless I used viper it really sucked.

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