Sony​​​ Smartwatch 3 battery bug fixed?

Since the Android wear update upgrading Google Play Services to the 8.2.98 version, my unit didn't experience the battery emptying bug I mentioned so often before.

I am hopeful that this issue, which was making the watch essentially a defective product is now fixed, possibly thanks to the involvement of +Wayne Piekarski​​​​​​​ who gave my many bug reports to the right people.
Last month he mentioned that the bug was fixed internally, although without more details or an ETA.

The bug occurrence was random however so it's hard to tell for sure by definition hence my question:

Is it fixed for you too?

The screenshot shows battery statistics with light usage – sitting on my desk aside from a few hours a day when I go for a walk: the watch battery performance is now pretty solid.

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8 thoughts on “Sony​​​ Smartwatch 3 battery bug fixed?”

  1. +Sergio Gameiro Junior if the battery bug is not just fixed for me yes I think so too.
    I like the display too that's readable even when off.

    Some people still have GPS accuracy issue with sweat which I do not, so I would recommend only stores to which you can return trouble-free.

    The incoming Motorola might be cooler thanks to its combined GPS and heartbeat tracking without belt, but the price won't be the same and we shall wait for reviews also 😊

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