Measuring +Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 in a private media booth

I made sure taking a good sample device – that's still a prototype as some had completely yellow displays 😉
The one I have here should be most representative of the final product hopefully.

I'm curious about this tablet because the gamut seem wide as well, however there's something going on with the saturation I don't like too much.
Well, measurements will tell 🙂

Also I get to measure 2 more Z2.

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François Simond

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9 thoughts on “Measuring +Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 in a private media booth”

  1. +François Simond I meant to put tablet after the Z2.. I figured they were close to release on this product.. You said the gamma range is off? Have u been able to actually hold it and get a feel for its balance and feel? Also is there currently an o.s running on it? Thanks for the info bud!!

  2. I currently own the Z-1 Tablet and the color reproduction is amazing!! Its not overly saturated like a Super Amoled but an awesome display to say the least. Sony makes some awesome devices!! Gotta love them.. Even from a developers stand point.. They always take into consideration the Android community as a whole. Thanks to Sony.. Great Job!!

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