Early measurements results of a +Sony Xperia Z2, captured from +Erica Griffin computer screen as she couldn't wait to see the results

I'm impressed by the capabilities of this device so far.
Gamut is large, comparable to Super AMOLED displays.
On the Z2 devices demonstrated in Barcelona, there's no chroma saturation boost added. If color seem plenty intense they don't look too over-saturated like we've seen often on Samsung wide gamut panels.

A bit later I'll publish the full measurements corrected based on a reference spectrophotometer, for precise color temperature and gamut evaluations.
Also, planned : wavelength spectrum to look even more in depth into this new +Sony backlight technology!

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11 thoughts on “Early measurements results of a +Sony Xperia Z2, captured from +Erica Griffin computer screen as she couldn't wait to see the results”

  1. +rajan nakarmi widest gamut yes possibly, especially in reds and blue.
    I'll need to process the spectrophotometer measurements correction and spectrum first to confirm, but this is an exciting technology and I'm happy to have the exact tools to analyze this.

    "Best" display I doubt so, as colors are intense, can be flattering but not accurate.
    Contrast ratio measured is 882:1 on this sample, I'll try to measure more devices because I've seen quite a bit of variations as well including a really washed out one: enough to be concerning.

    Best display would have accurate a sRGB gamut color palette (or the choice between intense and accurate colors which is perfectly doable) and higher than 1000:1 contrast ratio.

    But that's very promising still and a massive step-up for Sony as they simply had the worst mobile displays.

  2. +Jean-Baptiste Quéru if Sony market it the same way the technology and its results are vastly different (improving)

    Z Ultra has below average viewing angles for an IPS display, about
    sRGB gamut size, mid tones and saturation are both boosted to make it look "bright" and "vibrant", with unnatural (and inaccurate) results.

    Z2 actually has a large gamut thanks to a new backlight tech but also provide consistent saturation and gamma response.

  3. +François Simond I simply could not understand the missing of 300 ppi screen on Tablet Z2. I'm not a ppi maniac but basically we need 300 at everywhere as this was the standard for human eyes in print in the last lots of years! Without it I simply could not enjoy it. What's your opinion?

  4. +Tamás Tóth I would like to see a 2560×1600 display on the Z2 tablet as well.
    However overall I would still prefer a 1920×1200 10" display with great colors than the 2560×1600 panel of the Nexus 10 due to its underwhelming rendering in media consumption scenaris.

    The Z2 Tablet could still be pretty satisfying to watch streaming video and viewing pictures.
    I hope to spend more time with it later before commenting further on the matter.

    Tablets sporting Sharp 10" panel are probably a better compromise overall currently.

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