New self-hosted Git repository service

+Sourcegraph​ looks like an excellent alternative to +GitHub​​​​​, that you can install on your own server.

I particularly like the IDE-like features making exploring the code so much easier.

It's source code released under "fair source license" is an original approach as well.
It is not exactly "open source" but "hackable source" instead, still much better than the commonplace proprietary.

Discussion on Hacker News:

#supercurioBlog #development at b1af2ab4761618930f6f7e44eb775e08fac3f38e – sourcegraph – Sourcegraph
Sourcegraph: the intelligent, hackable code host for teams. Sourcegraph is a self-hosted Git repository service with Code Intelligence. It runs on your own server or cloud and installs in 5 minutes. Sourcegraph gives your team the power to build better software by offering: …

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