Nexus 10 Marshmallow Doze

How many days left you say?

Nexus 10 dle battery life has always been good (a 9000 mAh battery), but this reaches new heights.

Running +Dmitry Grinberg's build from

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7 thoughts on “Nexus 10 Marshmallow Doze”

  1. +Andrea Gerardi not quite. The display itself is fine (the text is sharp and perfectly readable, for example), it's just that the colors are rather disappointing and they look very.. shallow, there's no saturation at all, and I'm surprised Samsung hasn't installed an AMOLED display in it despite Galaxy Nexus having one

    The change of an SOC doesn't make it a different device (Galaxy S3 had exynos and snapdragon versions, it's still the same device)

    LTE addition doesn't make it a new device either

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