Interesting video by +Russell Holly​​​​​​ for +Android Central​​​​​​

His initial approach in the video is to comfort people wondering if the +Nexus​​​​​ 5X, they might have just ordered is actually slow.
What I got from the video however is that a difference in performance between the 5X and the 6P is much larger than I expected.
Like 1-generation gap difference of real-world performance.

In the attached article's comments, there's a link to this other video made by +Android Headlines​​​​​​ which doesn't show as much gap apparently.
It's interesting as second take.

Watching this new type of videos becoming popular, evaluating the amount of time you wait when using your phone and multitasking capabilities makes me wonder about the possibility to replicate those in an automated way.
It might be possible to script all that, and get some quite valuable metrics allowing to compare phones quickly.

Maybe a few Android publications could team up and fund the development of such evaluation tool.

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7 thoughts on “Interesting video by +Russell Holly​​​​​​ for +Android Central​​​​​​”

  1. +François Simond there you have to know too much about the application it seems. Adb has already a way to start applications and send broadcasts. You just have to wait assumed time and dump system information. I'm not sure how useful such a test would be…

  2. I'm doing that pretty simply by putting my phone in the hands of my 1 year-old baby. You can't simulate such crazy fast task switching with multiple screen inputs, and if it is possible to break it, he will find a way. Screen pinning doesn't work, BTW.

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