Nexus 6P bends again

Following up on his first video where +JerryRigEverything​​ bends a +Nexus​​ 6P, I'm doing the same after qualifying the first one as likely non-representative it was done on a phone which glass was already shattered.

I can't see any particular flaw in the method of this one, and it's done with an educational approach.
This phone very much has a point of vulnerability where demonstrated.

What I don't know is that if like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus the phone can bend in regular use, little by little and stay bent, or this one is more about its "bend-breaking" ability.

It's too bad that after the iPhone 6 generation experience, manufactures still release products with a mechanical weak point such as this one.
It shows that +Huawei​​ likely didn't make their own stress test process to take into consideration the new elements, something that other manufacturers appear to have done in comparison.

At least, as observed previously, the phone bends/break above the battery and unlike the iPhone 6 it doesn't make it a safety hazard in this case

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22 thoughts on “Nexus 6P bends again”

  1. +François Simond I've always found these sort of intentional tests to not be really emblematic of real world usage. In my experience I haven't heard of a single person whether they be an Android or Iphone user experience the bending issues. It just surprising that these types of evaluations exist. But then again thats just me.

  2. +François Simond I disagree. The guy goes to great lengths of "opening" a fresh box as if to prevent someone thinking this could be a tampered with unit. It just doesn't hold water seeing how much pressure others have applied to it using hands and haven't been able to bend it even slightly. Something is fishy here.

  3. If you apply enough force to any phone it will snap in half. All other bend tests on this phone prove that it won't bend in normal use and can withstand up to 90 pounds of force before bending. If I take an iphone, 6P, S6 or any phone large enough to make a good lever and apply enough force it will snap in half. This is common sense, day to day force it will not bend or break. Bendgate happened because the iphone would bend under normal use, it would bend in your pocket. This phone doesn't bend unless you try to snap it in half.

  4. +Rafal Blaszkiewicz there is a perceptible stress in the video during the un-boxing.
    I would be in his position as well after people accusing him of all sort of things, him spending a lot of money for an experiment that might fail.
    In the contrary, I found rather remarkable his explanations and demonstrations realized with minimal editing (if any)

  5. I don't get it. What are we trying to prove here?

    If I apply force to any device it will bend and break. No matter the size if you apply enough force you will break something.

    Heck we can dent cars by running into it and giving it a good bump. Does that make the car junk?

    If I punch my 52" TV it will break. Also junk? Not enough stress testing done to see if idiot can break something deliberately?

  6. +Mark Borg​​ Yep, exactly. The original bendgate was different because the iPhone was bending from simply having it in your pocket. There is nothing wrong about the 6P and it does not bend in real world situations. There's just a lot of angry, butthurt apple cultists around trolling since the fragile iPhone bendgate.

  7. +Mark Borg​​ many including myself were saying that his first test was invalid due to the prior damage applied on the phone.
    What is he proving here, that his test is indeed valid. Nobody including himself says which conclusions should I or you make of it, it's entirely your own.

    Personally and as I wrote in the OP, I think it's valuable to know especially since he applies a similar method to various phones which allows to compare if you wish. Because some phones didn't break in his tests, also what I care about is that the battery stays intact.
    Tests were a guy shoots a bullet in a phone are just worthless and simple destruction, this one instead is educational like some kind of teardown to me. As a result I would recommend this phone only to people careful with their equipment (also because it's slippery)

  8. And yet some still trying to defend the phone. The phone bends period. Every phone has a point at which it bends, just happens that Nexus 6P can be easily bent by hands unlike some other phones (i.e. original Nokia :))

  9. It's funny how the people in the nexus reality distortion field bring up other people ( android zealots and overall doofus max Lee) and his 90 pound test. When in the very video this post is about the guy in the video addresses his video and why he didn't break / bend his nexus 6p.

    I take that back. It isn't funny. It's sad.

  10. +François Simond Lol. I know better than to even look in there.

    For example I was on reddit this morning and I seen many people bashing Franco and his new app ( well not going to try it because he made it) because of things he has said about iPhones and the Android ecosystem. Can only imagine what these dullards are going on about with this.

  11. +Brian Z May i ask what device you're using or plan on using in the future? 🙂

    I must agree, the second video looks quite bad, maybe he is just really strong? 😛
    The only thing that would settle this is a TÜV-like (Technischer Überwachungsverein in Germany) test in a bending/breaking machine measuring the actual force needed and comparing it to other devices. But well, i ordered a 5X anyways.. while still considering a G4 or Moto X Style..

  12. +Daniel Becker Sure.

    Phone wise I use a oneplus one. And will be for the foreseeable future.

    Prior to that the nexus 4. Prior to that the nexus S which I only got because my brother dropped my Nexus one and busted it up when using it as a flash light. Also use the nexus 7 2013 daily.

    But if I was in the marker right now for a phone it would no doubt be the nexus 6p. At least if that's how much I was willing to spend on a device.

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