DXOMark evaluates new Nexus cameras

The numeric score is high.
But I guess you already know my opinion on averages of averages of numerical scores to evaluate image quality 😉

– it's always the same thing: each score is valid only if considered alone, and all that only in case the evaluation metric is indeed perceptual and not just arbitrary.

Pro / Cons comments are interesting tho.

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Google Nexus 6P review: Serious contender for mobile photography | DxOMark
Today Google unveiled the Nexus 6P. Having partnered with manufacturer Huawei to build this latest device, the Nexus 6P is the first to run Google’s most up-to-date version of its Android operating system — Android OS 6.0 Marshmallow (or “Android M”).Tech specs for the Nexus 6P include a large 5.7-inch (1440 x 2560-pixel) AMOLED screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and 16 million colors. The rear camera offers a 13Mp resolution on a 1/2.3”-type se…

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10 thoughts on “DXOMark evaluates new Nexus cameras”

  1. +Miguel Raimundo the N6's camera does not suck. Neither does the N5's but its much harder to get consistently good photos. But if conditions are good you can get some stunning images. I think the N6's camera has been underrated since the beginning, but I can agree that for its price we could've expected something a little more refined.

  2. +François Simond​​ +Francisco Franco​​ what I meant was that classic weak points of the Nexus line, battery and camera, seem to have been specifically tackled now.

    The battery seems large enough to yield a good endurance.
    The camera is up there with the best according to DXO which, in a world filled with opinions, is a rather trustworthy one…

    (The Nexus 6 camera was good, sure, but not class leading.)

    Overall I'm pretty happy, all metal build, good camera and battery life, clean software. If the screen proves to be good it will probably tick all the boxes for me!

  3. What if we use an electronic gimbal handheld image stabilizer, would it put it over the top? it certainly would benefit video (mostly in low light), not so sure if it can also help with still photography (using a wireless shutter)… I really wanted this phone but was expecting it to have OIS…
    Anyway 4K video from this phone with a tripod should be among the best if not the best specially in low light..

  4. The battery will be awesome they say.

    Just like they said about the 6.

    If it's not a current gen amoled display, which I highly doubt it is. It will suck up battery just like every other terrible overated junk amoled panel.

    All of sudden everybody is completely ignoring how much power the 810 is capable of drawing.

    200 amd change bigger than the nexus 6. 810. Don't expect much better than what you get from the nexus 6.. Hopefully it has a better panel then that pos they used on that phone.

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