Questionnable Nexus 6P bend test

It is expected than picks of Mohs Hardness Scale of 7 and above scratched with some pressure will leave from marks to deep dents into a Gorilla Glass screen.

As soon as +JerryRigEverything​ does that, he compromises the structure of the complete glass by going through the coating and attacking what makes up the material's compression stress.

This is why it is not surprising to see it shatter. It doesn't mean that the glass is particularly fragile. Any similar glass construction will behave about the same once the damage goes past the coating.

I don't get the point of the lighter burn test. Maybe because I don't smoke?

The bend test however isn't looking too great.
At least it seems to bend above the battery so that one should be reasonably safe.
Edit: I agree the bend test might not be representative however due to the prior shattering of the display, then unable to participate to the structural rigidity.

See it bends right in between the battery and board areas.

Now let's see how other phones behave when subjected to the same treatment by the same person for comparison!

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17 thoughts on “Questionnable Nexus 6P bend test”

  1. The guys youtube channel checks out. I've used his videos to do some repairs in the past. Lets be honest, TK could not produce anything at this quality (not saying much)

    Bend tests are flawed just like drop tests. I'll never understand, outside of the YouTube view whoring.

  2. silly question but why perform that bend test? who in their right mind would put a phone in their back pocket (i seem to remember that was the excuse for the iPhone 6 or 6S) and sit down? and correct me if I'm wrong, but unless you are practicing your karate chops you wouldn't want to use the phone to do it no?

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