Samsung Galaxy View strange formula

A small and rather expensive TV able to run streaming apps?

The main issue with this concept that could indeed work is the weight:
Sure, it might be fine standing on a table.
But 2.65 kg? That's gonna be awkwardly uncomfortable on a couch or in bed.

If it's just for streaming, lower SoC specs and lower price would have given it a better chance – but I suppose Samsung tries to introduce this new category as high-margin instead, assuming the risk that the 1st generation could fail.


Hands-on with the Galaxy View: A huge $599 screen for streaming
Enormous? Yes. Silly? Maybe a little! Either way, Samsung loves the idea of a screen for your streaming videos.

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2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy View strange formula”

  1. Its Samsung, they will get it right when they make 2nd generation of this and improve with 3rd.
    On the serious note, frankly that SoC is not the high end chip from the looks of it. Octa core Cortex-A53 with Mali-T720MP2. Just MP2. So its GPU is not that powerful, CPU too is A53 powering 1080P screen. It is not a high end device. It shouldnt be priced this high. The main cost is batteries, and frankly Samsung is overcharging for a novelty item. Watch price drop by couple of 100 $$$ quickly. I wont be surprised to see this below $400 before year end.

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