Currently measuring +Sony Xperia Z2 display :-)

You can see in this picture my exclusive analysis rig.

There's some dynamic contrast going on but besides that I can tell you already that Sony stepped up big time in panel quality compared to the Z, Z1 but also Z1 compact and Z Ultra.

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François Simond

Mobile engineer & analyst specialized in, display, camera color calibration, audio tuning

14 thoughts on “Currently measuring +Sony Xperia Z2 display :-)”

  1. Did they let you analyze it like that, at the show ?
    And: were you granted access to the phone and install some app that changes images/color/luminosity of the screen? :O

  2. Oh, I didn't consider the smart move of the browser. Congrats. 🙂
    And let us know about the screen. After the major let down of Z(1) , I hope Sony has finally released a serious competitor for the Android crown.

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